Our meetings have changed to be the fourth Wednesday of each month

Club Information


Mission Statement

 The Southwest Washington Woodturners are committed to serving woodturners in the area.


 We meet in the evening of the fourth Thursday of each month at Friends of the Carpenter 

Club Membership

 If you're interested in becoming a member please fill out this Membership Application. Dues are $35.00 for a year. 

Club Brochure

 A copy of the club brochure can be viewed and/or downloaded here. This is a lower resolution view optimized for quicker downloading. A higher resolution copy can be viewed and/or downloaded here. 


Coming Soon...

Officers (Current Officers)

The Club has an Executive Board which consists of a President, Vice President/Program Director, Secretary, and Treasurer.

In addition, there are several chairs which help the EB manage different aspects of the club.