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Local Woodturner needed for a small project

By Aaron M Wildman 

I'm making a small woodwind instrument out of clay.  I need an inner mold for this so I can form the clay around it to make the body of the instrument  The mold would basically be a tapered rod.  Length of 16-18 inches; the diameter is 3/4", tapering to 3/16". 

The taper will probably vary a little in a couple places.  Precision is important.  Will probably refine the design a few times so i would like somebody who can help me more than once. 

Contact him via email at:  amwildman@gmail.com 

Communion Chalices & Serving Plate Set

Our church is looking to replace our current set. We need 8 chalices each able to hold 8-10 ounces of juice and approximately 6 -8 inches tall. I do have a sample chalice made out of ceramic. Our new set needs to be made out of wood. Type of wood can be discussed. We would like to have the set by June 2019 but this is a bit flexible. 

 Is this a project you would be interested in? If so, please let me know a good time to talk with you. I work during the day so best time to contact me is evenings.

Thanks for your time.
Charlene Shea
Email : gkhpyes@msn.com